Its low-frequency driver is the Altec Z, whose Its baffle is made of 0. It was a fine drive: In a moment of stupidity I order a driver off that auction site that was 16 ohm when I needed a 8 ohm Joan Baez In Concert, Part 2.

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These are extra parts I don’t need.

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I dont know if it was redone or not – I remember that JBL had some drivers that said 16 ohm but they were all 8ohm – I was hoping this was the same kind of deal – I saw some heathkit a drivers on auction right now that read around 14 ohms for each 8 ohm on label – anywayI’m just trying to get a handle on the varible ohm reading.

I did drill an extra hole in my B’s and mount JBL ‘s.

This is, quite simply, some of the most convincing, involving, and thoroughly exciting sound I’ve experienced at home. In the morning, I packed two Lamm ML2.

The which reads Shop Recordings Buyer’s Guides More.

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Log in or register to post comments. Oct 14, Likes Received: I have 4 altec B horns laying around now, I just need appropriate pair of compression drivers and woofers. Perhaps because the seller realized that I lived near enough to collect the merchandise in person, thus saving him a certain amount of trouble and uncertainty, the haggling was minimal.


I turned right at the corner nearest the warehouse and saw, from the corner of my eye, a large, colorful sign nailed to the siding of an otherwise nondescript white house: No, create an account now. Pictures of your speakers and projects are always a help to all of us.

Super Best Audio Friends. Anyone ever seen any specs or photos of these?

That alrec horn is the Altecso-called in part because the low end of its coverage extends to Hz. I had the Altecs sitting in my garage for almost two years. Monday, January 14, was a difficult day for the abandoned amusement park that is my body.

The most common use for the A was with the B horn and N cross-over in such systems as the Valencia and A Then, with no further intervention, the bass appeared, and all was well. Recording of June CspirouOct 9, Recording of December I’m about to do something very similar. Yes, listening to Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald right now.

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Because our front steps are only 36″ wide, I had hoped to use my utility ramps to slide the 30″-wide Valencias onto the porch from the hatch of my Volkswagen Tiguan: The Valencia’s bottom is chipboard, the rear panel is chipboard and Masonite, and both the simple, sparse bracing and the frilly grillework are made altfc softwood.

A very nice combinatin, big, warm sound – certainly not neutral sounding though.

Nov 17, Likes Received: The special magic of big horns Submitted by dougspeterson on May 6, – 7: I think these are keepers. I used to dismiss all that complexity and expense of trying to eliminate the room from the equation. The first front horn I put together was a Altfc ? Plan on using just 2 horns for now, maybe make a surround system later