It seemed to only ask for a password. Leave this field empty. This modem-router has no option to change it to work as a repeater as for example an access point would have. I have a Movistar Home Station installed. Hope somebody knows how!!

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Small internet providers around Spain. Otherwise it will mess up your network as there are 2 devices sending IP address to other devices etc. About us Our site is here to keep you up-to-date on all the latest broadband news and reviews of Spanish internet providers and packages.

And it does not work with Portal Alexandra. Hi Steven, I had exactly the same problem.

Password Clave is password for the wireless network. Does anybody have the answer? Could anyone point me in the right direction before I go waste money on buying more equipment? I have changed service provider and have Fibre Optic service now, so I have this router spare, so I may as well use it. If you think the amount is too much or too less you can change it as you please. This is your Wifi-password. By default the ip address is I have downloaded the software from moviestar so that I can print via the rear USB port on my router.


Could you tell me does WiFi use up you monthly data or is it free data. Can you tell me where I am going wrong please? I have to check this. You have added port forwarding on modem settings? Do you teleconica Movistar Imagenio-service that allows you to see tv channels? I am trying to set up a web cam using NO-IP.

Installation guide User manual How to access the modem There are actually two ways to access this router: Hello guys, a couple of things. But this you have to check with your provider.

Movistar Homestation Amper ASL 26555

You can attach the cable from the 1st router to any of the ports behind the device. The other method gives you more possibilities to change the configuration. Hi there Trying to connect a printer wirelessly. After teleonica weeks using this modem why my internet connection always disconnect is back to normal when i resetting power button again, I dont know how fix the problem.


Wii customer service in English. I have physically connected the WiFi AP to my network.

Home Station Amper ASL Router – Movistar

Thank you Sam I would appreciate it. I have changed the routers web access IP to Whether you are a self confessed geek or just here to learn some broadband basics ADSL in Spain is here to help. The solution here would be to purchase a wireless range telefonifa that will increase the coverage of your wireless network. Does anybody know if this router is IPv6 capable, I am trying to set up a home station on my 2 computers running Windows 7 and this is the only point outstanding?

Unfortunately it seems there is a vulnerability in this device. As the aerials do not unscrew to allow a bigger aerial do you telefonicq any ideas how this signal can be strengthened please? I have tried it a few times and redownloaded the file.