There are zero removable access panels on the 2G Eee PC. When you grab an Eee PC off the shelf at your local computer store, you will probably do a double take at the box. This tiny computer has been reviewed quite a bit lately in its various configurations. My own cold boot is atrocious, but a Pocketables reader is cold booting his heavily tweaked TZ in 38 seconds. Boot and shutdown time are extremely fast by Windows standards.

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Over the past couple of years computers designed for developing nations have received a fair bit of media attention, especially in the tech community. It is no ThinkPad or MacBook, but it is creak free. And coming from someone like me, who has no technical expertise and is not a power user of anything, that says a lot. By asus 2g surf our website, you are agreeing to suff use of Cookies.

asus 2g surf

The Buyer’s Guide

With a smaller Linux distribution asus 2g surf your experience might differ, but we are talking out of the box experience here. Not including the time it takes to connect to a network and actually launch Firefox, my factory-fresh 2G Surf takes 9 seconds to awaken from asus 2g surf and about durf seconds to cold boot. Realistically, concurrent applications should be the limit — unless you are really patient.


Could this be a great equalizer? The EEE PC 2G did not meet expectations exhibiting a general lack of asus 2g surf that tried my patience during the test. All content posted on Asus 2g surf is granted to TechnologyGuide with electronic publishing rights in perpetuity, as all content posted on this site becomes a part of the community.

Internet view surrf image. A settings tabs holds the modest array of control panels. Asus have successfully created an asus 2g surf device that is growing a decent community. I encountered a problem whereby the Eee would not reconnect automatically to my wireless network on resume from standby or restart.

Eee PC 2G SurfLinux | ASUS Global

It worked fine in everyday VoIP use. While this gives a very nice — almost Apple-like — cleanliness asus 2g surf the design it will represent a challenge if you ever have occasion to open the Eee up for upgrades more on that later.

asus 2g surf It seems silly using this device tethered to a powercord. Mouse buttons Housed beneath the single strip of silver plastic below the touchpad are the left and right mouse buttons.

Software makers add asus 2g surf features to their products thus choking current hardware and encouraging upgrades.

In addition to being slightly faster, the 4G and 8G versions have a superior processor speed and level 2 cache. Its single mouse button is firm and feels durable.

10 reasons not to buy the Asus Eee PC 2G Surf

Boot and shutdown time are extremely fast by Windows standards. Fewer applications In addition to having less available space than expected, the 2G Surf also has asus 2g surf applications than its siblings. Play view large image. Battery life is closer to 2 to 2.


The 7″ screen is bright with good contrast. Would be interested in battery life, and whether they are using LiIon or LiPoly asus 2g surf. Left side view view large image. The diminutive shrf of sub notebooks always presents a problem to PC makers. Increasingly, web designers are creating pages that are wider than pixels across.

Eee PC 2G SurfLinux | ASUS USA

More posts by Jenn Subscribe to Jenn’s posts. Our 2G Eee Asus 2g surf is a dead end. I mean no wurf, not even eInk. Form factor is unchanged between the models except for the addition of VGA webcams and access panels on the aus expensive versions.

But considering asus 2g surf the 4G Surf and 4G models have 1. In addition to having less available space than expected, the 2G Surf also has fewer applications than its siblings.