But in this way Asus A is inferior even to Acer n with its already pretty skinny stylus. Driver version – 1. Review of Windows Mobile 5. The device reasonably takes the medium spot between the junior A and the senior A The size of the bundled flash-memory makes and The slot is left uncovered. The device comes equipped with miniUSB cable used for synchronization with PC as well as for data connections.

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It takes the A about minutes to pick up the signal while on the streets. The device comes equipped with miniUSB cable used for synchronization with PC as well as for data connections. assus

As the manufacturer claims, in the A this capacity will be enough for 15 hours of music playback with the screen switched off and hours of GPS navigation. Vast majority of apps may be installed on the memory card.

Spare parts for A686

The advantage of this layout is that whichever way you hold the A, the stylus will never end up sliding out of the silo on its own.

Bulky in size navigation pad stands a bit above the casing surface, which makes it a cinch to work with, as well as with other fascia-mounted keys. The model will best fit people looking for a basic car GPS-navigator. Mode Switcher is a small app that proved to be of great help in practice.

The device reasonably takes the medium spot between the junior A and the senior A The handheld carries a mAh Lo-Ion battery onboard, which is par for the course for many PDA by various manufacturers.


ASUS MyPal A Specs – CNET

The upper edge is armed with the power button and unprotected memory expansion slot. The slot is left uncovered.

Here you may also set up microphone sensitivity during recording as well as record modes themselves. We tested reception asks in car, moving around the center of Moscow.

Asus A686 PDAs & Smartphones User Manual

By and large the conclusion on the new range of Asus PDAs is quite moot. Reading mode — the least power-hungry mode of all. Though, it is quite another matter that in many models capacity like that allows getting only moderate or even sub-standard figures of battery life.

In minimized state it is the A ashs you see, tapping on it will bring up a window in the lower right corner, featuring system information: Ultimately, you will get used to it, but at first it might seem too small and inconvenient, especially to those who have dealt with other PDAs in the past.

In fact, that is why the first launch goes in landscape orientation. The chip is placed in the upper part of the casing. That is why the casing is made flat with no protruding parts. In view of the fact, that the test does not give an 6a86 picture of the performance of handhelds running WM 5.

Standard applications this operating system comes loaded with are covered in our dedicated article. Out of 64Mb of RAM Above the screen you will find a small hole, where charging LED is placed. We are driving the car under the bridge, the signal asuw lost again.


Mypal A | ASUS Global

If you have read already the review of Asus My Pal A you may readily miss the forthcoming paragraph and jump straight to performance an GPS navigation. The case made of thick black material features Asus logo on the face and has firm grip on the PDA.

MP3 mode — self-explanatory test. Using it you will be able to tweak balance, 3D, Bass, Treble. Pressing it one time calls up a pop-up window, and after that, punching this button, you can select in the list the application you need, asuss the key go when ssus application is highlighted, and the A goes into it.

Basing of its thickness and size, we should better say that it is not very easy to use, just average. The cold start time makes 14 minutes, which is pretty much.

Our review unit had silver front plate; however they are now planning to launch three extra trims: Any of assu items can be removed from the list if your wish. The active zone of the display at that makes up 70×52 mm with x pixel resolution and up to 65 K colors.