Choosing the correct water circulation equipment has never been easier. I have measured water velocities on coral reefs on the leeward side of the Big Island of Hawaii in normal not stormy weather and have found them to be in the 6 to 8 inch per second range. See Figure 9 for further information. Nutrient Transport mode NTM creates circulation in a two-phase program. In coral research, and for practical aquarium applications, it is a meaningless metric.

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Product Review: EcoTech Marine VorTech MP40 with QuietDrive Driver

Please settle propeeller questions before you bid or agree to purchase this item. Dana Riddle thoroughly evaluates the new MP40 QuietDrive propeller pumps for their functionality and performance.

As Figure 12 shows, this propeller pump delivers more gallons per watt consumed at lower speeds.

EcoTech Marine’s VorTech pumps recently underwent its first major product evolution. Create a standing wave in your aquarium and demonstrate the true power of the fully operational VorTech QuietDrive control system.

Product Review: EcoTech Marine VorTech MP40 with QuietDrive Driver

The pump will change speed frequently and drastically to simulate crashing waves and surging tide. On the second and third pictures, the middle piece magnet body is not included, only the bearings. It should not be surprising that the mode using the most power and moving the most water is the one running constantly at full pump speed.


Gallons per hour is the standard for determining pump output. W ater movement is pgopeller the most under-rated parameter in reef-keeping. Pumps can be enabled to run a gentler night time program simulating calmer ocean conditions for night time hours.

Low Maintenance The VorTech is virtually maintenance free.

If you’re in the market for a propeller pump in this class, the new MP with QuietDrive might be worthy of your consideration. Features for the MP40 include: The ReefLink device allows communication with computers, iPads, etc.

A modified range of adjustment for Short Pulse Mode makes it easier for you to fine tune wave form. Sound levels in decibels of various environments.

Enhanced description Video Parameters Download. ReefLink enables a continuous real-time connection with EcoTech equipment via ecosmartlive. Sound levels were measured with a sound meter at a standardized distance from the pump motor. Under conditions of testing conducted, the pump will deliver 5, plus gallons per hour when in Gyre mode, but this amount of wirdless is periodic. Now we have it. Feed Mode At the touch of the button, all VorTech wirelessly enabled pumps will temporarily pause their current ecoetch and idle allowing food to be added pdopeller the tank without being cycled into the overflow and filtration.


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Ecotech Marine Vortech Mp40w-es W/ Wireless Wave Pump Powerhead | eBay

Nutrient Transport ww NTM creates circulation in a two-phase program. Guaranteed 3 day delivery. In addition, the amount of work performed as measured by watts consumed is higher than advertised. Since the Gyre mode has episodes of high and low velocities, I was unable to determine how much water was actually being moved. In an aquarium, having the right amount of flow is crucial to the health of the ecosystem.

See Figure 9 for further information. Ecotech vortech Battery back up, works fine in original box with all necessary cables etc.

Projections show the new MP will deliver the more than the advertised maximum amount of flow. No risk of electrical discharge harming people or marine life. Under conditions of testing conducted, the pump will deliver 5, plus gallons per hour when in Gyre mode, but this amount of flow is periodic. No wires in the aquarium.