HPSA suite has several interfaces and tools that are required for pretty much cover all the needs of an Infrastructure management. Custom attributes now supported directly on OSBP. Device groups provide a useful way to gather physical or virtual servers into logical collections. This process must be repeated for each of the product id’s you purchased. It enables you to perform the same action such as installing patches and remediating servers on all of the servers simultaneously, instead of performing the action on individual servers, one at a time.

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Device groups provide a useful way to gather physical or virtual servers into logical collections. We have self trained ourselves on most aspects of this. United Kingdom HP Worldwide. There are two types of device groups, private groups and public groups.

Each core points to oracle database which saves information phsa managed server configurations within SA.

Most of the things you say are great require vastly more work and greater expertise on the tool which is hard to get hpaa there is no documentation that can help. Full support for OS re-provisioning j. The policies usually contains the packages, patches, Application configuration, Files, Scripts, Unix users and groups for changing ownership after package is installed.


HP Service Activator

Automated fixes and troubleshooters Resolve many common issues with HP Support Assistant’s troubleshooters and automated hpaa.

And to deal with bugs we detect. Customer Group Management e. Rofhiwa September 20,3: HP Server Automation version 10 Enterprise Edition comes with many new and enhanced features to make it even easier to manage your servers.

ph You are commenting using your Twitter account. Physical and Virtual Visibility b. Rich Virtualization Inventory c. You can also view available and subscribed 1 services from the My services tab. They perform actions such as provisioning servers, installing patches and applications. April 11, at 8: Download the agent installer from SA client.

HP Service Activator – Wikipedia

I can understand how difficult this product can seem on the surface. Need to keep track of new messages or updates for a friend or family member’s PC or printer? Customer Upgrade 8 Standard Configurations.

Personalized support Manage your connected HP devices from the My devices tab. In addition, each SA agent periodically contacts the model repository and registers itself, which allows the model repository to keep track of the machine status, and know when particular servers are disconnected from and reconnected to the network.


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The library provides a way to display the software resources, such as application configurations, software policies, patches, patch policies, packages and so on managed by SA. You can search for the opsware-agent package to find hpas available agent installers by OS. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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Auto-provisioning support for OSBP. SA also maintains a central database that has detailed informed about every server under management, the h; and software installed on the servers, and the patches and software available for installation.

Each server that SA manages has an intelligent agent running on that server. About Devendra Singh A guy with self learning capabilityAnalytical AbilityExploring in natureJust looking for ways for spreading happiness among gp.

Jay Ross April 28,7: To install the SA agent on any unmanaged server, you need to download the package first.