How others are doing then? You should be able to find your answer by simply using the Search function upper right-hand corner of any page , but in short. Thanks Alex, but do not have this option from the Sansa clip zip. October 13, , October 27th, 3. However, I’m not having any luck in Kubuntu

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I at last managed to install Rockbox but I don’t see any differences from the original. Disconnect it from the computer, then use the direction keys to navigate the Clip Zip menus on the device itself.

USB mode? MTP and MSC? – SanDisk Forums

It’s a shame that the little issue ruins an otherwise great mp3 player. We’re talking about the menus on the Clip Zip itself. I do so and can surf into the folders on the device, but I don’t see any of my files. Message 3 of 10 31, Views Reply 0 Kudos 0.


This last file cannot be opened and right clic gives nothing interesting either. Message 10 of 10 12, Views Reply 0 Kudos 0. Rockbox looks nothing like the sandisk firmware. October 10, Downloads release dev builds extras themes Documentation manual wiki device status Support forums mailing lists IRC Development bugs patches dev guide Search.

October mpt, 2.

October 31st, 6. October 28th, 5. This stuff isn’t simple. A notification has been sent to the development team for investigation. If you use MTP to put files on a player which is probably what sannsa used with Windowsthen you won’t be able to see those files using a file browser.

It is said in the manual: But it’s better to set one or the other and leave it that way. Message 9 of 10 12, Views. Results 1 to 8 of 8. Is that what you mean by hard setting it? Nonetheless, people having this device manage to use Rockbox, I wondering how. Deleted files should be deleted in the trash folder on the mp3 or the trashfolder in nautilus.


USB mode? MTP and MSC?

That post and link is almost 3 years old. October 05, October 31st, 7. Worse the sound is very weak now. But my computer doesn’t see anything on my internal memory, like you said.

How to change my Sansa Clip Zip firmware from MTP to MSC ?

I am that stupid Message 5 of 10 25, Views Reply 0 Kudos 0. Logged saratoga Developer Member Posts: I found the Sansa in “portable device”, I can update the firmware but it always tell me it is in MTP.

You should be able to find your answer by simply using the Search function upper right-hand corner of any pagebut in short. Logged tooppy Member Posts: