Hooking up the INport to a PC is dead easy; connecting it to your stereo is almost as simple. Using it Hooking up the INport to a PC is dead easy; connecting it to your stereo is almost as simple. Watch as levels are automatically set and tracks are divided into individual songs. Be the first to review this item. You may also like. Two relatively weighty isolation transformers sit between the input signal and the INport’s A-to-D hardware, to provide ground loop isolation.

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These two chips aren’t being fully utilised in a device that provides just one input and no outputs, but they’re not exactly million dollar components, so that’s OK.

Xitel INport

I reviewed a couple of earlier Xitel gadgets here. Looking inside The little INport box weighs about 81 grams 2. Ground loops are common when people connect audio devices together; when shielded cables connect devices whose ground planes are at xutel potentials, current flows in the cable shield and the result is often an annoying hum.

Reviews 0 Write a review. It lets you select celuxe and output devices, it records audio to a file, and it can automatically stop when it hasn’t heard anything for a while.

If you want to do real pro audio work with a PC, then you’ll want a proper multi-input sound card. You don’t have to use the long cable if you’ve got a suitable shorter one and it’s no trouble for you to put the sound source near the computer, but if you need to run a wire to the next room, this big blighter will make things easier.

Technical Support

If you just want to add a high quality analogue audio input to pretty much any vaguely recent Windows PC or laptop, though, the INport gets the job done as quickly and easily as possible you’ll still have to flip your own records, I’m afraid.

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These days, it’s pretty much impossible to buy a cheap CD burner that doesn’t come with Nero or some similarly competent burning software, and free encoding software is similarly easy to find.

Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time. So it’s no big deal that the INport bundle doesn’t do this.

See any errors on this page? Convert your old collection of cassettes and LPs into crisp, clear digital audio delxe then create audio CDs and MP3 so you can keep a personal archive of your collection that will not deteriorate over time. If you’ve got a turntable, of course, then you’ve probably got a pre-amplifier or integrated amp with phono input, which takes care of the pre-amplification and equalisation. This is a big plus, and worth money. Sure, there’s often a bit of interference hash in the background of the output from consumer audio adapters, but most people don’t mind it.

And it won’t leave you hunting down a hum problem, either.

You can use the INport as an input for any sound software you like, but LP Recorder is perfectly fine for the simple basic tasks that deluex people want to do. Powerful Hardware All of INport’s high-grade components have been carefully selected to provide an exceptionally pure and dynamic signal.

The cable also ought not to harm the sound much in transit. Eeluxe Software Includes intuitive software that makes recording into your computer an absolute breeze.

Hooking up the INport to a PC is dead easy; connecting it to your stereo is almost as simple. The INport’s hardware seems to depuxe perfectly happy delivering other sample rates, though; 48kHz worked when I tried it with other software. Update Unrecognized Zip Code. This is where the functionality of the INport package stops, though, which is somewhat disappointing.


Xitel Inport Deluxe Audio Recording Kit Record From Stereo to Computer LPS

Give Dan some money! Jaycar Electronics inprot a good PDF-format primer on this subject hereby the way. More and more entry-level audio adapters are even sprouting multiple outputs for surround, and digital outputs and inputs. It’s not retroactive; there’s nothing it can do to magically get inpott of clipping distortion once it’s happened.

Anything with a line level output or headphone level, if you’ve got a ‘phone-to-RCA adapter lead should work fine with the INport, but you can’t connect it directly to a record player unless you’ve got one of the rare turntables with an integrated pre-amplifier. If it’s not that easy to pick the splits then you’ll have to do it yourself, but LP Ripper makes the task easy enough.

You’re only likely to be able to hear the iinport at all during very quiet passages of music. From gold plated terminals through to fully customized digital processing. Ratings and Reviews Write a review.

It can play you clips of the beginning and end of the tracks, it lets you adjust track length coarsely or finely via mouse clicking and by just typing in numbers, and you can also fade tracks in and out. Xitel INport Review inpkrt